Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Closer to the dream

It's been a long time,
Finding out,
What I've been dreaming about,
See for times have changed,
And I did not,
I have remained,
With the thought,
That dreams are merely,
Playing out before,
One's sleeping eyes,y
Yet so it seems to be,
Just suddenly,
Life turns around,
And all you expected,
To be reflected,
Only in the deepest,
Of dreams,
Suddenly leans,
Against your,
Tabbing it saying,
"Hey, you, where've you been?"
And without question,
I told my dreams,
I was working,
To earn you,
Rather then to dream,
My life away,
On this that take me,
On their stray.

I'm getting closer to my dreams.

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