I wanne have

Flesh and bone,
Nothing more,
Neither less,
I must tell,
I can not,
Confess to the,
Thrown my way,
Oh darling,
We are,
Only for the,
To exchange,
The chains,
That hold us captive,
Flesh and bone,
Nothing more,
Neither less,
Unzip me,
Take of my dress,
Hands above my head,
Kisses in my neck,
Fingers run trough my hair,
As we share,
The naked,
I can endure,
I can endeavor,
One that does not drive,
But thrives on,
My inability to state no,
I call you,
To call on me,
When my lungs give in,
For I go all out,
Finish the shout,
I can't get shot,
In this shoot,
Of flashbacks,
For tomorrow.

I want you and I to fade into the smuch
That my warm lipgloss and your sweat combined
Only to taste the way,
We fray before the free fall


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