Opposite of possession

The hand,
That clenches,
Freckle keys,
Thy are not,
As strong,
As thy appear to be,
Yet neither,
Half as weak,
As the speaking,
Upon the writing,
Painted across the wall,
Who's to fall,
Once more,
Now that,
Thy can choose,
Between what door,
To open,
Whom to close,
What to leave behind,
In order to find,
The light dancing,
Between the sheets,
Or the cereal diner,
At 2 in the morning,
The goosebumps,
Without warning,
Illuminate the skin,
She'd been living in,
For far to long,
It's time to shower,
In change,
For a change.

Damn, I got keys...
Feeling grown up and shit... 

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