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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wash away.

Here I sit,
Drinking my sorrow,
Away once again,
Flashing back to when,
There was still a time,
To look ahead,
When I used to say,
If only I am 21,
Then I will be,
Finally free,
Yet I am not,
Still as bound,
To the ground,
As anyone else...
So I drink,
And drink,
Until I sink,
Into the alcohol,
Til all of my problems,
Have been,
Washed away...

Kill me inside out and outside in, your the only one
that wants me to die.. -- Agnus and Julia Stone, Yours.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Do not worry,
About what's comming,
Or going,
It's not here now,
Yet you are,
So take a step back,
Open your eyes,
Look around,
What do you see?
Really see,
Is the world falling apart?
Are there flames surrounding you?
Is there poison dripping from the sky?
Are you a see trough ghost...
Watching paramedics bow down to your body?
If the answers are no,
Then it doesn't matter,
Go and see the beauty of the day,
For you might never know,
How much beauty beholds this all,
From another perspective,
If you do not like what you see,
If your world is crashing down,
Change perspective,
You'll gaze at a prettier sight,
Then you're world would be rising.
Imagine that.

Try? Press the screen to reset your world. Enjoy. 

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Please you, please?

One more sip,
I could see his look,
Drunk and lost,
Just the way,
I like 'em best,
We stumble home,
Sneaky roam,
Close the door,
Sheets are drawn,
Push me up against the wall,
Hold me still,
Dare me to move,
Make the game intresting,
Tell me lies,
You know I want to hear,
"How beautiful I look",
"That I am the one and only",
"That you are falling in love with me",
I do not care,
If it's only for tonight,
As long as you'll be,
What I need,
I'd do whatever,
To please you, please?

I don't try to be sexy,
sexy tries to be me.

Sorry I just could't resist... ;-)
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Friday, July 24, 2015


There it was,
So relentlessly,
Staring at me,
I could see,
The weight of the world,
Clinched around her,
Holding on to,
Her shoulder,
But what is to do?
When a burden,
Is to be bared?
How can one,
Ease what has to be,
Maybe the only start,
Is not to start,
Doing anything at all,
Cause in the end,
Don't we all fight,
Our own battle's?
Is that not what forms us,
The fact that we had to,
Find out, ourselves?
The only thing,
One can do,
Is listen to you...
Ask you want you want to do,
Even if you never even knew,
You are not hard enough to handle,
Not even close,
Yet my dear,
You are strong enough,
You are good enough,
And in time,
You will be what ever you want,
Have you ever saw,
In the mirror,
How good enough you are?
Even if in the end,
Nothing changes,
Nothing will be the same,
At all...
Don't be scared to look,
For this, this struggle alone,
Is only the begin of your book...

this moment, capture it, remember it. 

Let's make a story not worth telling,
Let's make a story worth yelling,
From the tops of every roof,
Show you of as the remarkable proof.

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Sunday, May 31, 2015


The pictures they took,
Are going to be,
The forever look,
Of how we will,
Be rememberd,
Its not only about,
The focus or locus,
Of anything we shot,
Its more about the...
And thats just what you,
Can't see...
So there on it will be,
A forever more party,
Within a dance,
To infinity.

The snap shot has been taken.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


It only took,
A million steps,
To have taken,
A million steps,
It only takes,
A little effort,
To have taken,
A little effort,
This right here,
Is how realization works,
How you should look,
At possibilities,
At problems,
At life,
It's just what it is,
You can make it,
Call out dispair,
You can think,
It's out of our hands,
But it all comes down,
To perspective,
If you think you will never,
Gain more to life then this,
I'll bet you never will...
The way you look at life,
Is they way,
You live life.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Angels flew.

He stood,
Hair covered,
Underneath the hood,
I shivered,
Knowing this look,
Not long before,
He started to talk,
And I shook,
My head in absence,
In wanting to flee,
Seeking ignorance,
I wanted to unknow,
What I know now,
But it was to late,
It fell on my plate,
He stood,
Eyes down,
Red lids,
Bite marks on his lips,
His hair covered,
Underneath his hood,
If only I hd not know,
Where to belongs,
This mood...

The skies turned black and blue, when I heard about you.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Top #3

He said to me,
Out of the bleu,
He you know,
You could make,
A top 3...

You've got a place,
In 3 books,
So I should,
Probbably think of,
My top 3,
For someone someday,
Is gonna ask me...

I just laughed,
Looking weird at him,
Saying "You stupid..."
But it was not,
What I was thinking,
At all...

I just got,
The good kind,
My heart skipped a beat,
When you said so,
I got so proud,
Like I have never,
Really ever,
Been proud of any,
Accomplishment or whatever,
Until he spoke,
These words...

Look how far,
We've come...

The only thing,
In my mind...

Look how far,
We came...

something always brings me back to you...

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I wished I could ask you...

You're so far away tonight,
Haven't seen you in quite some time,
I wished I could ask you,
Are you proud of me?
Have I disappointed you?
Do you think I've made the right choices?
Would you look up to me?
Or help me understand....
Cause I just want you to hold me,
Hold me,
Hold me now...
Cause I just want to tell me,
Tell me,
Tell me now...
That it is okay,
And I'll be fine,
And everything is going to be allright,
Just whisper in my ears tonight,
You're so far away tonight...
Haven't seen you in quite some time...
I wished I could ask you...
I wished...

All I wanted, wished for... is food.... hahah

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Will you?

I love you,
Or I could better say,
I loved you.

It's all gone now,
There is nothing left,
Not even partial anything.

All that lingers,
Is just this one thought,
If I would dissapear,
Would you look for me?

If I got lost along this life,
If I got lost in this crowded world,
Would you search for me?

Even when everything,
Has broken down,

Even when the world,
Is slowly stopping,

Even when the sea,
Is as rough as the wind,

Will you look for me?

Even after all,

Will you look for me?

will you look for me?

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Are or look

I used to hate it when I was a teen,
How people said to me all the time,
You grew up so fast,
You are beautiful,
Not because it wasn't sweet or anything,
It was just that to other girls I heard them say,
You look beautiful,
And I used to wish to be pretty,
Cute or lovely or beautiful as well...

Until just last night when I walked into him,
He laughed and said "haven't seen you in a while,"
So we just chatted a bit,
You know small talk, work, weather, school,
We laughed at some stupid jokes we used to make,
And then he said, "you know you are beautiful,"
So I said that I hated that statement so much,
And when I started to explain,
He interrupted me and said you better listen dear...

"I could say to anyone that they look beautiful,
Because anyone can look beautiful,
Some look beautiful always others just now and then,
But to you I say you are beautiful,
Because it's how you are,
And not all can see the difference,
You are beautiful on the outside but...
You're beauty will never fade,
For it comes from the inside from you're heart,
So you are beautiful,
I could define beauty as you..."

Beauty defined.

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Look at you like this

We were cornered,
You on the left,
Looking at me,
Those eyes like that,
I know that look,
What a shame,
What a waste,
All my love,
All my time,
Just thrown away,
There I stood,
Looking at you,
Watering eyes,
Now don't you dare,
To say you care,
And that you,
Dont want me to,
Cuz I will,
Look at you,
Like this,
I roll my eyes,
And stare you dead,
Gonna turn my head,
When its a word you said,
All of these days,
I thought you were mine,
All of these weeks,
I thought this is it,
But my heart got...
A hit...
And now,
I will look at you,
Like this,
Roll my eyes,
When you say dear,
Raise my eyebrow,
When you come near,
I will look at you like this,
And you're gonna wish,
I would take it easy,
On you,
Like I always was,
But I...
I will make this hard,
Gonna make you start,
To wonder,
Why you left,
Make sure that you,
Know... That,
I will look at you,
Like this...

I'm gonna look at you like this...

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

I knew him... Once

You said to me one time,
I believe in September,
The 23rd if I correctly remember,
That one day all I heard from you,
Was what people said about you,
You would break away,
Once you've found some courage,
To leave this town,
But it will never go that far,
I knew it then and I know it now,
You're not that brave,
In 20 years when you'll be home alone,
You look me up,
And be stunned by all the places I've been too,
All the things that I did,
And the way I live,
The way you dream to find yourself,
Is how I wake up everyday,
Living in Berlin,
Trying everything I've never done before,
Bought my T2 van,
Traveled round the world,
Got to university nailed it,
I will have done everything,
You couldn't our was to afraid to try,
And I'm pretty sure you'll either laugh or cry,
Laugh for I did what I always said and dreamed,
You'll be proud of me,
And cry for you will regret that it wasn't you...
You that stands in all the pictures next to me...
You that holds my hand,
You that is my dream come to life...
But I'll tell you this now,
When they ask me about the poems,
Or point to the pictures,
I'll tell them you're name,
All the memories we shared,
And I'll say as I smile and shake my head,
Looking at the ground,
I knew him... Once...

break away, let it go, start living.

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

I'm you're statisfaction

You said you read them,
All of them,
Or at least mostly,
But what does that mean,
You where just browsing on my page,
When you stumbled on the link,
You wanted to check it out,
Not as in that it would be nice for me,
But only to see,
If I had written anything about you,
You said you always hoped,
That you were a inspiration to me,
And the only things you have to say,
Is that you're flattered and that my words,
Have much much power,
Where does that leave me now?
Why do you care,
Why do you bother to look,
When you get all the love you need,
From her,
Or don't you?
You can't start a new chapter,
When you keep re-reading the last one,
When you keep going back to the pages,
That were supposed to be burned,
That should get turned black,
That should be dust to dust,
And no more hiding them in dawn,
When you're parents turn to the lawn,
You shouldn't even take the marker there,
No no no,
You lie to her,
When you say it's over,
For it's more over for me then you,
And I might know that it is fine,
And maybe at some other point in time,
You can still be mine,
Yet you keep on asking my opinion,
You need my clearance in every thing,
That could give you satisfaction,
So have you ever considered the option,
That you need me to give you stratification,
Because I'm you're satisfaction,
Just me...
On a night like this one...
Just me...

I'm still you're statisfaction, admit it...

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Just friends

They always say that boys and girls can be 'just friends',
But the 'just' already says it,
If they are just friends,
Then why would there be a 'just' added up to it?!
We promised each other that we would stay 'just friends', 
Like how hard could it be?
But 'just friends' dont look at each other like that, 
The dont shiver when they touch,
And they definently dont fall in love,

I'm Nacho friend anymore, I want to be more.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Lately I've been thinking,
About the concept of beauty,
This word so easy used,
Is actually so much more then,
"You look nice",
I think of beauty as this sort of,
Inner place in the centre of youre soul,
Where youre treu self will be reveild,
In that kind of place,
A good, brave, loyal heart and mind,
Those would be beautifull,
The most beautifull,
I would love to see,
A mirror that would show the center of me,
But I'm not sure everyone would,
Even if it could,
This world isn't ready,
For a beauty image thats steady...

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Look back ahead

As I look back in flashes,
Traveling down this road,
I look back ahead and realise,
It was only just a laugh,

For I walk home alone,
Now you no longer reply,
When there isn't even a hallo,
Let along a goodbye,

You havent told me lately,
What I came to see,
A replica to replace me,
While you still trace my be,

I know we dont speak no more,
But you promised me on the concreat floor,
That if I ever got hit by life, 
If words where cutting me like a knife,
That you'd be there...

But as I look back ahead,
I realise, 
It was only just a laugh,
Only just a joke,
Yet for me it was a dream to choke,
A broken heart shattered,
For the hurt says it mattered...

The truth is in the littles things, always.

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Thursday, December 12, 2013


Everyday when I walk pass,
That MacDonalds glass,
You pass my mind,
Every time I think I break,
You're voice tells me it's fake,
So sweet, soft and kind,
Every now and then without any pride,
You let me taste you're light,
The brightness almost makes me blind,
Every memory that pops,
It makes my heartbeat stops,
Someone like you is hard to find,
Please don't leave me,
Please don't deceive me,
Please don't leave me behind,
For the more that I look around,
The more I seem to find,
You're all that I'm looking for...

You don't know it, But I know, And thats all that matters,
Darling, You do the most adorable things without realizing.

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