There it was,
So relentlessly,
Staring at me,
I could see,
The weight of the world,
Clinched around her,
Holding on to,
Her shoulder,
But what is to do?
When a burden,
Is to be bared?
How can one,
Ease what has to be,
Maybe the only start,
Is not to start,
Doing anything at all,
Cause in the end,
Don't we all fight,
Our own battle's?
Is that not what forms us,
The fact that we had to,
Find out, ourselves?
The only thing,
One can do,
Is listen to you...
Ask you want you want to do,
Even if you never even knew,
You are not hard enough to handle,
Not even close,
Yet my dear,
You are strong enough,
You are good enough,
And in time,
You will be what ever you want,
Have you ever saw,
In the mirror,
How good enough you are?
Even if in the end,
Nothing changes,
Nothing will be the same,
At all...
Don't be scared to look,
For this, this struggle alone,
Is only the begin of your book...

this moment, capture it, remember it. 

Let's make a story not worth telling,
Let's make a story worth yelling,
From the tops of every roof,
Show you of as the remarkable proof.

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