Monday, July 27, 2015


He understood me,
Quite wonderfully,
Yet to me,
That was the problem,
Any other girl,
Would fall to his feet,
For he understood,
There every move,
He could finish,
There sentence,
Tell their every wish,
Know just when,
To reminisce,
For me it just didn't work,
See I don't want someone,
Similar to me,
I want deep conversations,
Into the middle of the night,
Philosophizing about whether,
Things are black or white,
How boring would it be,
When his only respons was,
"Sure baby. I agree."
I don't want someone to do,
Exactly as I have told,
I do not long for someone,
That might never be gone,
I need the change, the drama,
I need the screwed up, the fights,
Cause the ugly parts,
They make love too...
He understood me,
Quite wonderfully,
Yet I wished not to be understood,
Only to be an question,
Someone else can be the answer,
What is there left for him to be?
When I am so beautifully,
Both of these things,
All he then could ever be,
The remains of this where,
Really nothing at all.
He understood me,
Quite wonderfully,
Yet art never get's understood,
For it has not any reason,
I desired to be the art in someone's heart,
When he wanted reasons,
All that I had to offer,
Where reasons to leave.

Maybe I solely,
Became art,
When I broke,
Your heart. 

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