Friday, July 24, 2015

Third second chance.

You asked me,
"One more chance?"
Yet the question itself,
To me implies the answer,
I had given to many,
You asked me,
"One more chance?"
This time,
The answer had changed,
So there I went..
"If you,
Bring me the sun,
So I can warm my soul again,
If you bring me the moon,
So soon,
I can think again,
If you bring me the stars,
So that I will shine again,
If you give me the earth,
For me to have a re-birth,
If you hand me over,
The horizon,
I'd been longing to hold,
Inside the palms of my hands,
Even if you could,
You still wouldn't make a chance...
Cause the horizon,
I longed to have so much,
I've passed long gone ago,
When you where still hung up,
On lost love,
And third second chances...."

Even if you hand me the horizon,
We only fell in love with each other,
For we couldn't have them...

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