Thursday, July 30, 2015


In the middle of the night,
When the stars appear,
As the blanket covers,
Her trembling body,
I see dreaming off,
I can not tell,
If you'll be thinking of her,
But who else would,
You've been thinking about?
I roll over to your side,
Hug your strong body,
Fighting against it's own,
Asking myself,
Does one ever want to know?
That their man,
Is longer for another woman,
Until she has woken up,
Around two in the morning,
By the sound of his voice,
That he loves her,
This name you swore,
He'd never said before,
Eventough it sounds as fammilair,
As something spoken,
A thousand times,
Between the lines...
"I love you too.."
She whispered back,
Hoping tomorrow,
Neither of them would remember,
The middle of this night,
The coldest 18th December.

Even the moon so strong,
Is just an illusion,
Who can tell,
What is sanity,
When it comes to you and me?

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