Daddy's pride

Little bump,
Your mommy's belly,
She tries to hide,
That her weight,
Is coming one,
Yet this little bump,
It's my pride...

A buldge,
Right here,
Staring at me,
Just as your eyes,
I will soon meet,
To be called a father,
Take me so much further,
Then I thought,
Any long run could...

Baby screams,
Pierce trough my dreams,
Yet as I wake,
I can forsake,
That I am still dreaming,
I live whilst believing,
There is no greater wish,
Then giving you a goodnight kiss...

Childrens tears,
Fill my eyes with fears,
Wondering if,
I am doing all good?
What would my father do?
Does one ever has a clue,
What is waiting,
When they are waiting,
For the moment to arrive?

Teen green,
I've never seen,
You so mad,
Screaming, crying,
What a bomb,
What an impact,
This age is to us,
The fights, the fuss...

Roaring twenty's,
Saving all of our pennies,
To get you to collage,
Trying to make you see,
That we only want the best,
Putting us to the test,
But darling, don't worry,
When you look back years from now,
Cause I know, I've been a teen too,
Little did I knew...
Until I myself flew...

Twenty one,
Day had to come,
Where you would get gone,
Dad's not ready,
Can't get his voice steady,
He wished he had,
One more dish to wash,
One more door to bash,
Cause the music is too loud,
Yet the start is what this is about,
The ending,
Now your landing,
To stand on your own to feet...

Funny how it started,
Just a little bump,
That got your heartbeat...

Daddy may tell you now,
That even though,
I might have not met you yet,
I'll protect you my child,
From anyone who tries to harm,
My baby, wether your a boy,
Or a lady,
Even when I haven't met you yet,
I can't forget,
That I must have said,
I already love you, I do.

A little bump,
Our little bump,
Mommy tries to hide,
Yet she may not,
For you are,
And will be,
Forever my pride.

No matter how mad, Darling don't forget,
Daddy love you, Sweet child of mine,
All the time, your my pride...

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