Sunday, July 5, 2015


Wondered trough the shadows,
Millions gazed at me,
Hollow eyes, glances as marbles,
Been brushed up,
Stored inside a jar,
With a face smile,
Forced to laugh,
Until someone comes to,
Save you,
From losing you mind,
Only to find,
That you might already have,
All that you where,
Who was that boy?
Where is the boy?
That used to laugh,
As a child so loud,
That was a wild as a lion,
With the eyes of a dog,
Loyal and playfull,
Those eyes so it seems,
Have gone into the storage of society,
Have been taken hostage by life,
With the biggest price,
Not only are you blind now,
You have also forgotten,
What it was like,
To see,
What is was like,
To live,
You have forgotten,
That you are as whole,
As you think you are,
You have forgotten,
Who you are...

Have you forgotten that there is always hope?

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