Go crazy.

She had been wandering,
More then she thought,
Almost her whole life,
Had she ever held?
An idea inside her head,
That said, what she wanted to do?
Was she ever the kind of girl,
That would not just,
Twirl to all that's on her way.

She had been dreaming,
More then she had ever,
Whilst she was wide awake,
These summer days,
What way do you go,
When there is an open field,
Ready to be any kind of...
Crossroad you want it to be.

She had been thinking,
And thinking she did,
Up until late at night,
2 a.m. starlight peculair sight,
All I want for her,
To see, is that maybe,
There is nothing wrong,
With stopping, and staring.
When you keep on climbing,
Up onto the mountain,
At one point you'll got to,
Look around, enjoy the view,
Yu've got to stop,
And stare... Cause darling,
Your there.

I feel bad for the people who never go crazy.

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