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Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I discovered,
That life is not unfair,
Not unfair at all,
In that fact that it is unfair,
Lays the fairness,
How ironic,
Since life is unfair,
For all of us,
Equally unfair,
That makes life,
Pretty fair again...
Strange how a little change,
Of perspective can in fact,
Change your perspective...
Life is full of,
Incredible mind breaking,
And heartaching yet,
Still groundbreaking,
There are so many reasons,
To hate and love,
All at the same time,
If only we all had the same eyes,
Or if only we all saw,
Nothing the same,
That's the beginning of the game.

It's a sad earplug in, world out kind of thought, that made me,
appriciate the world even more.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

You and I

You and I,
Are so alike,
Yet different,
I'm enjoying this,

You and I,
Look up at,
Nightly stars,
All the same,
See so different,

You and I,
Are so free,
Yet bound,
Somehow drawn,
To opposites...

You and I,
Are something,
Are something...

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Saturday, September 6, 2014


I'll do a long long I am the cleanest and prettiest ladies in the whole wide world shower,
I'll put on the glittery bodylotion you liked the smell of,
Brush my hair and make it strait,
Put on the skinny jeans my ass comes absolutely unresistable out,
Paint my nails in the color you liked,
Hang on the same jewelry and earrings as that day,
I'll do it all the same,
The shoes, the perfume, the toothpaste, the ribbons in my hair,
I'll do it exactly the same,
Then maybe you'll remember just like me,
And we can stop this game...
Then maybe you'll travel back in time,
Just like me,
You'll see...
Us again...
The same way I do,

I love you 24/7 like a never ending job....


Monday, September 1, 2014

I love you...

He loved me,
And all was still,
He loved me,
Yet I got ill,
He loved me,
And I did not say a word,
When he asked,
Why don't you respond,
You don't look so font,
I knew I had to say it,
But I could not,
Say it back to him,
I can not say it,
To anyone but you,
I am haunted,
By the memories of who,
We used to be,
But memories won't hold me,
Nor love me,
As you do...
He loved me,
And then said,
I already knew,
I saw how you looked at him,
He's a lucky guy,
If only you would think the same,
I love you...

I love you... Paris....

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With you, you, you

It seems so strange to me,
That whenever there would be,
A change even the most indirect,
For you it would still feel like effect,
You think it has whatever to do,
With you, you, you...

It seems so vage to me,
That even now you see,
Patterns and signs in everything,
Even if it had nothing,
Nothing at all to do,
With you, you, you...

I thought it would bother me,
But honestly,
I does not at all,
Maybe I'm the same,
Maybe we're both to blame,
With this, this, this...

The only time goodbye is painful is when you
know you'l never say hello again.

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

I think, you think, that we think

I know,
You know,
We should,
You know,
I know,
We could,
I think,
You think,
The same,
You think,
I think,
In sink,
I see,
You seeing,
You see,
Me seeing,
What are,
You or,
Not confirmed,
As a we...
I know,
You know,
I'll remember,
You know,
I know,
Every memory,
I know,
You know,
What I know...
I feel,
You feeling,
Slightly different,
Where does that...
Leave me?

where does that leave me?

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The present

All the congrets,
All the "how fur for you",
It's really funny,
How now it's not all,
Fun for me,
It drives me insane,
That they all ask the same,
What am I gonna do,
Gonna do now?
Gonna do next?
I havent even tought of the,
Of the future ahead...?
All I've ever done is live,
Live in this moment,
Here and now,
The present...

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Sun was filling up the shades,
And I could hear your thinking,
See your dreams and thoughts before me,
We couldn't keep it up long,
But if you don't want this,
Don't stand so close to me,
You could get scared from what you see,
Just say that you don't feel the same,
And I'll make sure to keep my distance,
Stay in line, keep my place,
Just a smiling, plain-no-emotion-face,
I will keep on waiting for you to say what we have,
In meantime I'll make sure to only say,
I love you when you're not listening,
For we can keep spinning and act like someone is to lose, the other is winning,
But its not that easy,
So darling just call it anything but love,
I'll walk away let you go,
Just as me you know,
That we cant breathe with distance,
It calls up miss and loss and resistance,
And I just don't want to take distance,
From something that provides me the air that I'll need to breathe,
The light to grow and the attention to know,
That love is true,
That love is nothing else then...
... Me and you...

this distance between us...

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Never be the same

All at once,
Out of no where,
Suddenly he was there,
I never saw him coming,
And now,
I can never be the same,
For how could I go back,
To that shy wall flower kinda girl,
When you showed me a whole new world,
A world beloved and full of laughs,
You live in a way that I desire to have,
He said to me,
Look at you,
Worrying about things out of my hands,
He said spending you're life,
All about what others want you to be,
It doesn't suit you,
And neither does it me,
Don't try to copy or act,
When as a matter in fact,
You're original and pure,
That attracts more then what does the eye,
Its more, way more about allure..
All at once,
Out of no where,
Suddenly he was there,
I never saw him coming,
And now,
I can never the same,
He did not only change me,
But the entire game...

I'm in repair, I'm not together but I'm getting there... John Mayer lyrics.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Like water

Her smile,
Is like water,
Never the same,
But always beauty,
Her lips,
Taste like water,
There is no name,
To pin point the taste,
Its mysterios and rare,
You always want more,
Her eyes,
Are like water,
Bleu and schimmering,
It takes you away like waves,
They take you in,
And never let you go,
She's like water,
Washing away,
Everything from yesterday,
She's like water,
Washing away,
Wave afther wave...
Never the same,
But never so diffrent,
That I dont recognise her anymore...
She's like water

Thursday, January 2, 2014

What if...

You told me I was you're what if,
What made me wonder if... You're what if is the same as mine.., 
For me it means that if I had one wish on a star,
I would wish for you, me and infinity,
What if you could love me as I love you,
What if you would dream about me like I dream of you...
And what if my what if would come true,
And I would be waking up each morning next to you...

A dream is a wish your heart makes

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Monday, October 28, 2013


My alarm went off,
All for you...
So I wouldn't forget to,
Make something for you,
Won't forget what I must do.

I'm gonna make a surprise,
I wanna see it in you eyes,
Completely sincere,
No perfect lines,
But perfect times,

Times spend together,
Didn't even matter the weather,
of whatever,
I was in love,
Believing you're a gift from above,

I should have made you feel the same,
So I'm in shame, cuz I'm the one to blame,
But if you let me I would,
Run trough the rain back to you,
To kiss you to take away the pain,

I will never let you go anymore,
That a promise forever and always,
For sure!

The way you smile made not only perfect lines,
But more important perfect times (L).

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