Thursday, June 5, 2014


Sun was filling up the shades,
And I could hear your thinking,
See your dreams and thoughts before me,
We couldn't keep it up long,
But if you don't want this,
Don't stand so close to me,
You could get scared from what you see,
Just say that you don't feel the same,
And I'll make sure to keep my distance,
Stay in line, keep my place,
Just a smiling, plain-no-emotion-face,
I will keep on waiting for you to say what we have,
In meantime I'll make sure to only say,
I love you when you're not listening,
For we can keep spinning and act like someone is to lose, the other is winning,
But its not that easy,
So darling just call it anything but love,
I'll walk away let you go,
Just as me you know,
That we cant breathe with distance,
It calls up miss and loss and resistance,
And I just don't want to take distance,
From something that provides me the air that I'll need to breathe,
The light to grow and the attention to know,
That love is true,
That love is nothing else then...
... Me and you...

this distance between us...

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