Calm and quiet sleep

I cant sleep,
So I thought,
I should think of,
Whats keeping me up,
But my mind was blanc...
So where does that leave me?
And where should I go tonight?
When the insomnia,
Keeps waking me at moonlight,
Is there a please at midnight,
Where we could all come together,
With candels and pj's,
And chips and sad movies,
So we could fall asleep in,
In each others arms,
Save and warm,
Hiding under the covers,
Who knows what we might discover.
I cant sleep,
But I'm not gonna think of nothing,
I'll just pretent I'm dreaming,
Untill my body and mind,
Start believing that we really are,
In a calm and quiet sleep...

calm and quiet sleep, i love my bed. 

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