Saturday, June 28, 2014

tried, tried, tried...

I tried,
Oh how I tried,
To be the golden girl,
The one,
You know, that girly girl,
Oh oh but now you know,
That I can't be what you want,
Don't tell me that we can't,
For if you could fell for me,
Then you could fall for me,

We tried,
Oh how we tried,
To be the golden couple,
That two,
Sweethearts that everybody knew,
Oh oh but now they now,
That we can't be,
What the world needs to see,
They told us we couldn't,
Not once,
They told us we couldn't,

You tried,
Oh how you tried,
To stay away from me,
To forget,
You know, That love we had,
Oh oh but now you know,
That I'm all you want,
and I would never say,
That we can't...
Because I really want...
I fell for you,
And I will fall for you,
If you promise,
To always stay...

We tried,
And oh how we cried,
Oh how they all cried,
The day I walked towards you,
Dresses as groom and bride,
Me and you,
You and me,
For the whole world to see,
That we could be,
Whatever we wanted to be,
For I fell for you,
And you fell for me,
Until eternity.

Just married. 

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