Fit yourself

It never really hit me,
When the moment was,
Maybe it was just something,
That somehow took pass,
I guess it was when they left me,
And I was there all alone,
That I realised when I was alone,
I felt more loved en less lonely,
Then in a crowd,
I never really fitted in,
And ofcourse I always knew that,
ButI dont hurt people on purpose,
Just because there diffrent,
It was in that one thought,
That I got scared of myself my own soul,
What if I would always stay a fit out?
Could there be a place on the earth,
Where even I belong?
Could I hang on untill that day?
Must admit that it was a rocky way,
But me, myself and I,
Even if it took some time,
Are perfectly fine,
Fitting out,
Cause maybe fitting yourself,
Is just what live is about...
I believe that anyway...


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