Sunday, June 1, 2014

post-it permanently

A post-it,
That's what I need,
And one permanent marker,
That way I could,
Post-it permanently,
Stick the piece of paper,
On to the two broken pieces,
Of a once healed heart,
"Closed forever",
That it what I wish I could say,
So no one ever comes close again,
So I'm sure my heart won't shatter,
Into a million pieces more,
So that I maybe can be sure,
That in time the crack you left,
Might heal and disappear,
So that it will be my heart again,
And I can feel it beating inside my chest,
But what would it be worth?
A beating heart for no one to love?
Nor to beloved by mine...
Maybe I could better stick...
"Entrance at own risk",
or "In repair",
At those pieces you left behind...
For someone else to find...

I guess we're just not friends anymore, cause is there ever
a turning back point when you where once...

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