Sunday, June 29, 2014

For all the boys and girls...

Have you ever had,
That moment you thought,
That there was nothing left,
Nothing to live for,
I found,
Then when I got there,
It appeared there still was light,
A familiar voice called out,

My dear, My dear,
Come closer, 
Listen to me...

Since there was nothing,
Why wouldn't I just listen,
She whispered to me,

I see, I see,
A girl that has a beautiful smile,
If only someone taught her,
How to use it...

I see, I see,
A girl with a beautiful mind,
If only someone had told her,
How precious that is to find...

I see, I see,
A girl with a lot of scars,
If only someone showed her,
That scars turn into beauty...

I see, I see,
A girl that needs to see,
What I see when she looks at me...

Then there was nothing,
The calm voice made place,
For the quite silence,
I walked towards the mirror,
Looked at me,
And it took me a long time,
But in time I did came to see,
The beautiful me...

you only know a part of me, I am an universe full of secrets.

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