Two completly diffrent things...

I tried to tell you once,
But you weren't really paying attention,
Just staring ahead on the road,
No facial expressions,
No words no reply nothing,
So I figured that you where dreaming,
But it turns out you where listening all along,
You said to me that I'm such a strong person,
Someone who knows where she stands for,
And who will fight for it, go trough fire,
How much you respect me for that...
And no one had ever said those words to me,
They call me brave, and strong and all,
But never said how much resect I deserved,
I got silent from you're statement,
In a good way,
That moment I realized I loved you more,
Then I ever thought was possible,
Yet you didn't really ment those words,
They were true at the moment and,
I'm pretty sure if you'll had to describe me,
You would say them again,
It's just that you feel it but would never show,
And I really need someone to make it black and white,
So I'm sure once I've chosen it is right...
I tried to tell you once,
But hearing and listening turns out...
To be two completely different things...

what matter is on the inside.

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