I knew him... Once

You said to me one time,
I believe in September,
The 23rd if I correctly remember,
That one day all I heard from you,
Was what people said about you,
You would break away,
Once you've found some courage,
To leave this town,
But it will never go that far,
I knew it then and I know it now,
You're not that brave,
In 20 years when you'll be home alone,
You look me up,
And be stunned by all the places I've been too,
All the things that I did,
And the way I live,
The way you dream to find yourself,
Is how I wake up everyday,
Living in Berlin,
Trying everything I've never done before,
Bought my T2 van,
Traveled round the world,
Got to university nailed it,
I will have done everything,
You couldn't our was to afraid to try,
And I'm pretty sure you'll either laugh or cry,
Laugh for I did what I always said and dreamed,
You'll be proud of me,
And cry for you will regret that it wasn't you...
You that stands in all the pictures next to me...
You that holds my hand,
You that is my dream come to life...
But I'll tell you this now,
When they ask me about the poems,
Or point to the pictures,
I'll tell them you're name,
All the memories we shared,
And I'll say as I smile and shake my head,
Looking at the ground,
I knew him... Once...

break away, let it go, start living.

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