Thursday, June 12, 2014

I believe

I believe,
I believe,
I believe,
That I fell for you,
And you might not,
I believe,
That we can fall before we fly,
For I've been pushed down many times,
But life goes up and down,
And it's more like a circle then we think,
Every ending gives us a new start,
When all comes to an end you'll find a beginning,
I'm the one to experience the pain,
Of losing who you are,
Of being ashamed of you're soul,
But all my broken pieces got put back together,
And now that I'm whole again,
I'm more beautiful then ever,
It's never then end of me nor you,
This is not the end, It will be the beginning,
Yes I believe,
I believe,
I believe,
That you will rise and fly,
I believe in all you cant see,
And in all there is not to touch,
I believe,
I believe,
I believe...
I believe in all these possibilties you can't see...

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