Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Feeling vs choice

I've wondering about you and her lately,
You never come around with her anymore,
Neither do you parade at my door,
So tell me now babe,
Did you find the truth in my words?
I told you that summer night in late June,
Love is a feeling, not a decision,
You cant just think "Who will I love today?"
You have to feel it inside, within you're soul,
You're heart, you're bones, inside you're all,
Like the feeling you get when you've unwrapped a present,
Or when you go to your favourite restaurant, 
The feeling you get when...
When I see you...
I've been wondering lately,
Why you choose her,
And it came to my ear,
They the grand feelings we shared,
Made you scared so you choose in fear,
Now its almost over the bitter taste of the end
...Has gotten to your mouth,
Soon you'll spit her out,
And then you'll come back around,
To find a note on the door saying,
"Im sorry,
Im not feeling it,
so now you'll feel,
what I felt the last six months,
when you left me,
so lets hope...
You'll learn a bit faster this time..."
Let's consider you been thought well,
Now you know, it's head vs. heart,
And you must always bet on the heart,
If you're in it for the long run.

head vs heart

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