Friday, June 13, 2014

Look at you like this

We were cornered,
You on the left,
Looking at me,
Those eyes like that,
I know that look,
What a shame,
What a waste,
All my love,
All my time,
Just thrown away,
There I stood,
Looking at you,
Watering eyes,
Now don't you dare,
To say you care,
And that you,
Dont want me to,
Cuz I will,
Look at you,
Like this,
I roll my eyes,
And stare you dead,
Gonna turn my head,
When its a word you said,
All of these days,
I thought you were mine,
All of these weeks,
I thought this is it,
But my heart got...
A hit...
And now,
I will look at you,
Like this,
Roll my eyes,
When you say dear,
Raise my eyebrow,
When you come near,
I will look at you like this,
And you're gonna wish,
I would take it easy,
On you,
Like I always was,
But I...
I will make this hard,
Gonna make you start,
To wonder,
Why you left,
Make sure that you,
Know... That,
I will look at you,
Like this...

I'm gonna look at you like this...

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