Darling, darling, beating heart

Oh oh,
I said to that crying face,
The face of a scared little boy,
Who ones the body of a grown man,
"Darling, darling... You're heart still beating,
And yes you're still breathing,
My dear, You're still alive..."
His bursted red eye,
Looked right into mine,
I took his hand and whispered,
"Darling, darling, we don't carry,
All the weight of the memories we have,
Not all of us burden what we have to bare,
If you would just... Give up all hope,
And all the wishes for a better past,
Yesterday might define who you were,
But it doesn't says who you are,
Or what you will be,
Look in the mirror and one day,
You might see the exact same things as me"
His shaking voice asked me what I ment,
He said I never saw his scars,
So if I would see them that I might get frightened,
And I slowly replied,
"Oh, oh my dear,
The scars on you're soul,
Where the first one to catch my eyes,
For I have been where you are now,
And dear oh my dear,
The new day tomorrow,
It could be so much bigger and stronger,
Then yesterday,
If you would only hold on,
Look ahead and stop dwelling in self-regret,
Darling... Darling,
You're hearts still beating,
So what else matters?
You're the only thing in you're way..."
Then all that was left,
Was... Silence...

scars turn into beauty...

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