Write long lost lover

Never even read my poems,
My lyrics or my blog,
And just from the few lines,
I sometimes put in Facebook,
He thought that I might suit the job,
That I could help someone,
With writing a song,
For a lost love one, 
Yet I should be honored,
I only feel fear,
For what if my words arent clear?
Or what if the sound doesn't come near,
To what others might see as comforting,
Or what id they don't think of it as anything,
Just a something,
Then what would I do?
What would my words ever mean to you?
Will you seek my voice when black or blue?
I don't know,
I don't know,
What my answer is gonna be,
If only I could set my thoughts free,
We could write and see,
And it would be whatever it would be...

If only I could set my thoughts free...

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