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Monday, May 11, 2015


She looked as art,
They way her back,
Hung against the wall,
Her hair,
Half slit back,
Half loose curls,
Messy and shining,
Black shirt, pants and shoes,
So poetic,
Just as her talk,
Always deep,
She never left you,
When she talked to you,
You got thinking,
You felt something,
And for days,
It wouldn't let you go,
She looked as art,
I could never,
Understand her,
I know I never will,
But I do feel her,
Oh how I feel for her...

She's like art, I could never understand her, but she made me feel.
Oh how I felt for her...

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Close the door

I stayed up late nights wondering,
Why'd you gave up,
But it seems,
The more I think about it,
And the more thoughts rotate and revolve,
That you never gave up,
I mean how could you when...
You never even tried,
And how can you give up if you're not in for the long run?
Before you tried,
You choose to quite,
You could make everything alright,
If you just said something,
But youre not here,
It's not in the stars tonight...
I stayed up late night wondering,
But no more,
I'll close door.

You've got me bound to you by chains that only exist
in my mind, demons created trough love.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

thanks to you.

During this interview,
She asked me,
"Well being a poet,
Is not something for like,
Any girl you're age,
How so did you found it?"
And for a moment there,
I did not know what to say,
My mind flashed back,
To when you whispered to me,
That August night,
That I should make work of it,
That I am talented,
Something special,
That you wished you had it,
A skill all from yourself,
Something you win at,
Then and there I grew,
I started to glow,
For the first time ever,
I felt being looked up at,
You made me feel so loved,
And extremely special,
So thank you,
Cause everything I am now,
Is all because of you,
Thank you.
So I said to her,
"Someone who is really special,
To me said that I should go blog,
And so it all just rolled along.."
Looking at the ground with the biggest,
Most enormous smile ever.
Thank you.

You gave me all. 

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

chef's special indeed

I was at a concert last night,
As I left someone grapped my hand tight,
As I turned around,
This mystery man said trough the sound,
That he loved seeing how much fun I had,
I was a pleasure to look at,
Since I did not know what to say,
I just said thanks or something like that anyway,
He gave me one last smile,
Whispers "maybe I'll see you at their next show,
It's still quiet a while.."
I laughed as I let his hand go,
I'll guess we'll never know,
Who he is now,
This man with courage,
I write about on my page...

Chef special concert night, I took a cinderella flight.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Top #3

He said to me,
Out of the bleu,
He you know,
You could make,
A top 3...

You've got a place,
In 3 books,
So I should,
Probbably think of,
My top 3,
For someone someday,
Is gonna ask me...

I just laughed,
Looking weird at him,
Saying "You stupid..."
But it was not,
What I was thinking,
At all...

I just got,
The good kind,
My heart skipped a beat,
When you said so,
I got so proud,
Like I have never,
Really ever,
Been proud of any,
Accomplishment or whatever,
Until he spoke,
These words...

Look how far,
We've come...

The only thing,
In my mind...

Look how far,
We came...

something always brings me back to you...

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Friday, September 19, 2014

You and I

You and I,
Are so alike,
Yet different,
I'm enjoying this,

You and I,
Look up at,
Nightly stars,
All the same,
See so different,

You and I,
Are so free,
Yet bound,
Somehow drawn,
To opposites...

You and I,
Are something,
Are something...

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Monday, September 8, 2014

our right time

I just pretend you're happy,
Act like it's fine,
Probably easier after all this time,
Talk to someone else,
Yet look in my eye,
I know you still love me,
You're still mine...
Won't you give this love a chance?
Cause I'd give anything,
Just to be you're something,
But it's not the right time,
Tomorrow's not the right time,
We will never find the right time...
Won't we?

I have so much hope, But it will never be the right time will it?

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Most people, Yet not all....

Most people these days only attract by eye,
And it's so sad I'll tell you why,
I once had this love that was something else,
I never quite knew what it was,
The time flew and so easy pass,
He was everything I wasn't,
And I was everything he was ought to be,
Yet in there doesn't even lays the magic for me,
It was in the way he could read my every thought...
He knew what I wanted before I did,
He protected me from myself,
And made all those crazy romantic gestures,
Not because he was a romantic,
But for I was,
And he loved my everything,
So some thing I did for him and some he would give in,
And now I know what can be,
I can never go back,
To someone who only attracts my eye and not my soul,
For then the love we share wouldn't be whole,
It would be hollow and cold,
If I didn't feel the fingertips on my skin of one,
Who loves my naked soul just as much,
As he would love my naked body,
One who would do everything,
For my anything,
And the other way around,
I think it's sad,
Not everyone had,
A great love like this,
One to reminiss,
Back to every kiss,
A love to hold on to and to miss,
A love impossible to let go...

beauty attracts the eye, personality the heart.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fit yourself

It never really hit me,
When the moment was,
Maybe it was just something,
That somehow took pass,
I guess it was when they left me,
And I was there all alone,
That I realised when I was alone,
I felt more loved en less lonely,
Then in a crowd,
I never really fitted in,
And ofcourse I always knew that,
ButI dont hurt people on purpose,
Just because there diffrent,
It was in that one thought,
That I got scared of myself my own soul,
What if I would always stay a fit out?
Could there be a place on the earth,
Where even I belong?
Could I hang on untill that day?
Must admit that it was a rocky way,
But me, myself and I,
Even if it took some time,
Are perfectly fine,
Fitting out,
Cause maybe fitting yourself,
Is just what live is about...
I believe that anyway...

Friday, February 28, 2014


Say something before it's to late,
Anything is good for our faith,
Wouldn't you just put doubt away for once,
Were no longer the little ones,

So won't you do something before I drown,
Make me laugh don't let me frown,
Everything I would do for you,
If would just do anything for me...

But you're silent and it's getting late,
I'm losing my faith in faith...
Over this whole world I would have followed you,
Nothing I wouldn't have done,
Just to get close to you,
Just to wake next to you,

But you've spoken and now it's to late...
And were no longer lovers I just keep,
Saying I'm sorry it's too late mate...
Mate mate mate...

I don't understand our relationship

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I could sing all I want for christmas is you,
But that isn't something I do,
I could say it isn't christmas without you,
But that doesnt sound like something I do,
I could stay awake and think about what you would do,
But it isn't something I do,
Do you?
Do you think about all the Things we planned?
All the thing except the end?
For there were christmas thoughts when you were mine,
There Where christmas thoughts in Which we were fine,
Dreams when youre mine...
In time we will be fine,
In time...

All I want for christmas is.... you. 

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Monday, October 28, 2013


My alarm went off,
All for you...
So I wouldn't forget to,
Make something for you,
Won't forget what I must do.

I'm gonna make a surprise,
I wanna see it in you eyes,
Completely sincere,
No perfect lines,
But perfect times,

Times spend together,
Didn't even matter the weather,
of whatever,
I was in love,
Believing you're a gift from above,

I should have made you feel the same,
So I'm in shame, cuz I'm the one to blame,
But if you let me I would,
Run trough the rain back to you,
To kiss you to take away the pain,

I will never let you go anymore,
That a promise forever and always,
For sure!

The way you smile made not only perfect lines,
But more important perfect times (L).

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

When I die, I'll think of you

Wondering about life and earth,
All the memories made,
The love, the faith,
So much worth,
You say don't think we we're nothing,
But thinking we we're something,
Makes it harder to forget,
All the miracles shared,
Wonders we had,

I think life is a session of moments,
Flashing before you when you die,
Moments filled with love and grief,
But mostly filled with believe,
We grow just like our ants,
Troughout our whole life we try,
Try to figure out,
What life is all about...

If it is what I think,
I'm gonna let this feeling sink,
Then our memories will never become history,
Cause in the future I'm sure I see,
I will see you when I die,
For you've made me found,
That you can fly,
When you're standing on ground,

When I'm coming to the end,
I will find,
The image of us flashing trough my mind,
You holding my hand,
You being my best friend,
Kissing me soft and slow,
Making my cheeks glow,
Our midnight eat,
Tickling my feet,
Dancing round,
Babe it was holy ground...

As I breathe my last breath,
I see you and me in a kaleidoscope,
I see heavenly hope,
So I will welcome death.

You where there in this flash in a kaleidoscope of all my
beloved memories, so I was not alone,
as I welcomed death.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Knocking Knocker won't you knock me of my feet?

As we walked and talked,
I didn't know how to show,
All that was hidden inside,
All the feelings en that green light.

I thought I lived it all,
But I never lived the way you do,
On the count of five into you I dive,
You make me feel so alive,
I'll just go the way you show,
Just going with the flow,
i'm letting myself go,

Party together all night long,
Keep dancing, dancing to the song,
Both singing loudly along,
Crazy, hazy and a little dumb...
Laughing out loud, let it all out,
You make me scream and shout,
Spinning faster than a round-a-bout.

I thought I lived it all,
But I never lived the way you do,
On the count of five into you I dive,
You make me feel so alive,
I'll just go the way you show,
Just going with the flow,
i'm letting myself go,

Now that you're left,
I'm left to forget... All the moments that we had,
Throwing everything away isn't something I do...
That's why I envy her.
My head still revolves around you,
I can't loose the image of you're face,
The life of the party, midnight eating and chase.
In these lonely days you're face and you,
You're busy... But promise me you will never fail to see,
The memory of me...

I thought I lived it all,
But I never lived the way you do,
On the count of five into you I dive,
You make me feel so alive,
I'll just go the way you show,
Just going with the flow,
i'm letting myself go,

If you ever wonder in the late hours,
There is nothing I want more,
Than you waiting for me under the sky that showers,
Waiting for me outside while you're swallowing you're pride.
All I ask from you is one knock on the door...
And we will be back together for sure...

You said you'd be there, don't you remember?
You promised to stay...

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Monday, September 30, 2013

Good enough

I'm not good enough,
I never was and I never will be...
How could you see something in me?
Just leave me be,
Cause you haven't even got an idea...
Of what you would meet in "we"
When you still have the change flee,
Set yourself free,
Leave the key.
And don't look back,
At this whole so black,
Don't you ever look back...

Go find yourself, I'll be waiting, today, tomorrow.

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