Sunday, October 27, 2013

When I die, I'll think of you

Wondering about life and earth,
All the memories made,
The love, the faith,
So much worth,
You say don't think we we're nothing,
But thinking we we're something,
Makes it harder to forget,
All the miracles shared,
Wonders we had,

I think life is a session of moments,
Flashing before you when you die,
Moments filled with love and grief,
But mostly filled with believe,
We grow just like our ants,
Troughout our whole life we try,
Try to figure out,
What life is all about...

If it is what I think,
I'm gonna let this feeling sink,
Then our memories will never become history,
Cause in the future I'm sure I see,
I will see you when I die,
For you've made me found,
That you can fly,
When you're standing on ground,

When I'm coming to the end,
I will find,
The image of us flashing trough my mind,
You holding my hand,
You being my best friend,
Kissing me soft and slow,
Making my cheeks glow,
Our midnight eat,
Tickling my feet,
Dancing round,
Babe it was holy ground...

As I breathe my last breath,
I see you and me in a kaleidoscope,
I see heavenly hope,
So I will welcome death.

You where there in this flash in a kaleidoscope of all my
beloved memories, so I was not alone,
as I welcomed death.

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