Wednesday, October 23, 2013


If you and I are history,
When youre in longer next to me,
What will you be?
Who will you see?
Are you finally free?

Our goodbye,
Became a new memorie,
Splendens hours asking why,
Days just try,
Not to cry,
Drowning in the sea,
I do miss our almost 'we',

Long nights, slow dance,
Planning future plans,
Giving us a small chance...

But faith,
It came to late,
No longer in the loving state,
We no longer celebrate,
We don't communicate,
Its like we dont even relate,
Still im begging you dont close the gate.

You and me were so alike,
Were so alive,
Both this hudge drive,
Unafraid to dive,
We will survive,
No matter what form,
Or how rough, we will paas the storm.

We need to pass every storm, I know we can.

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