Sunday, October 27, 2013

Locked in

All is been said,
All has been done,
Now we go on,
Separate alone...
Like were the only one.

Was is stupid to think?
We were written in permanent ink...
Weill my feelings still required sink,
You through my windows in
Then the end begin...

Now the roads,
The swimming floats,
Watching boats,
Playing notes,
It ways like loads...

These things we no longer do,
Cause there is no more me and you,
Yet the dream of you I still peruse,

On every star I see,
I wish you could be,
Right here next to me,
Only us, we...
Together and free,

In that dream you lock yourself in my heart,
And it gives us a new start,
Cause when you're locked inside me,
I trough away the key,
Till forever after, you, me, we.

Locked inside our love....

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