Saturday, October 19, 2013

lost and found

When were close,
In the moment,
Were lost and found,
Were no were bound,

You made me find myself,
You picked me from the shelf,
I made you dance,
Gave you a chance,
We had quite a romance...

When you're close,
In the moment,
I'm lost and found,
My head spinning round,

I made you find youself,
Dusted of you're emotional shelf,
You made me dance,
You gave me a chance,
We had quite a romance....

When I'm close,
In that moment,
You're lost and found,
Stay safe and sound,

We made us find out it's ours,
Bloomed like flowers,
Love had uncompaired powers,

Just give us one more dance,
Give us one more chance,
Get back to our romance,

Just one more time spinning around,
No looking to the ground,
We will just go dancing slow,
Were you lead I follow,
Don't dare to let me go,
Don't ever let me go,

It will be flawless,
In my best dress,
Just say yes, only yes...
When I confess,

When were close,
In the moment,
Were lost and found,
You've got me haunt,
Were going round and round,
Look what I found,
Oooh You.

Lost and found... 

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