Monday, October 14, 2013

Remember and surrender

I still remember that September 23rd,
When everything got blurred.
Now it's october,
Were both acting sober,
Maybe  I'm wrong,
Or is our love not yet over?
I feel like I keep hitting repeat on our song,
We just stumble on and on,
It getting closer to november,
And I must confess I remember,
You're birthday dated on my calendar,
You marked it yourself when there still were,
Us talking bout trips in december,
Please remember,
Don't forget the night,
We were ignite,
We were infinite,
Or was it just my imagination,
Are you a thought or my own creation?
I doubt it...
I think we got lost in translation,
So I admit,
I miss our relation,
No matter what is the complication,
I will never forget,
All the sweetest thoughts shared,
You could never be compared.
I hope you'll someday remember,
That 23 of September...

Don't forget... Please remember, not to forget me.

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