Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The city

All the nights wondering trough the city,
The city never gives back,
Gives back any advice,
Any advice about whatever.

All the days walking down the road,
The road that leads nowere,
Nowere isn't that also a place?
A place to see or a place to be.

All the times thinking inside my head,
Inside my head I seem to forget,
I seem to forget you,
You in betweem the thoughtless thoughts,
Thoughtless thoughts leading me,
Leading me to see...

See all I couldn't my eyes are open,
Open arms if you ever come back,
Come back to me I'll be standing here,
Standing here with my arms wide spread,
Spread so never again I can forget,
Forget you.


The city never gives back... +New York Magazine 

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