I don't want to be the fence,
Withholding you from you future dreams and plans,
Maybe it's selfish to ask,
Or to give you the task,
But oh if you could only see yourself trough my eyes,
So much worth more then the asking price,
I could love you more then you ever knew,
Babe you're one of a kind,
I'm from a minority with few,
You're always on my mind,
You're trying to stop a moving train,
But you can't, it's not supposed to,
You can't change the rules while playing the game,
You can't love without pain,
There is no sunshine without rain,
Impossible to start a fire without a flame,
I could be you're fire starter,
Make you heart beat faster,
I could be you're clown make you laugh harder,
I would be the girl that makes you live life further,
Just so the prophecy of you dreams could be fur filed
Instead I just see you standing on the fence,
Are you willing to give faith a chance?
Don't lose my face,
In between busy days,
Trough crowded ways,
Think of my glasses,
Of the reflection...
As time passes by in time you will learn,
Knowledge that was mine forever,
Things i've saw all along,
You're beautiful soul so strong,
You're flaws are flawless,
You're more perfect that perfection,


Enough said, don't ever forget, that...

The world is all yours, so just follow you're dreams!

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