Friday, October 25, 2013

Did you even know me at all?

My favorite song had a reason,
Just like why I love the winter season,
I know all you're fears,
I fight away all you're tears,
Then how can it be that you don't recognize the beat...
Of the song I just repeat and repeat?

It's so sad that all we had,
All thats been said,
Was just a one direction,
Love mirror reflection,

You don't know me at all,
I only act tall,
Just to cover up my fall,
My doubts you don't steal,
You don't make my heart heal...
Is this love even real?

Can we call this a relationship,
Or is it more like a emotionless robot chip?
Don't you see that I'm bothered
It's you, you the butcher, you make my heart slaughtered.
I'm calling this to an end,
I can no longer be you're girlfriend...
All the thoughts and thinking in worry,
It's just for myself, my wasted time that I'm sorry.

If they don't know you personally, don't take it personal.

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