Saturday, October 19, 2013

Seek and hide

My feelings play seek and hide,
I've got too much pride,
But I'll remember our last night,
Oh you made me flight,
For these feelings inside,
But my bones they ignite,
So I'll put this in write,
Hope you might...

Hope you might read it sometime,
I hope one day I can call you mine,
We could drink wine every valentine,
I would make you smile shine,
If it's yourself to me you would assign.

You're strong love it made me sick,
Cause I never now how to stick,
Even though I fall like a brick,
You're able to break me as a stick...
Even in my own mind when I think,
You make me sink,
You write memories inside my heart,
With permanent ink,
You're a man apart,
You make me feel like a work of art...

I hope I made you feel the same,
It was never my aim,
To make you feel pain,
Or act like it was just a game,
All these feelings,
For you they raise above ceilings,
You give me angel wings,
That's what you're love brings...

So if we are just a daydream,
Or a scene playing on the tv-screen,
A single word in the huge magazine,
If our light will never be seen,
I just want you to know,
That it was there even if I didn't show,
I never want you to go,
I would never go,
For I love you so.

I wish I was better at telling people how I really feel....
My feelings just play hide and seek...

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