Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mommy don't go

Inside me hangs this dark cloud,
covering up parts of me that make me unable to be proud.
The noise inside so loud,
Louder than the crowd.
Scared to be alone,
don't wanna be full grown,
Don't wanna stand on my own...
Mommy please know, that eventhough it was long ago,
And I don't show, inside still hangs a shadow...
Life I can't swallow.
Don't go mommy, don't go...
Hug me like a pillow, the grow goes so slow...
Don't leave me behind to find a brand new mind.
It's a conquest to grand, for me by myself to understand.
So please just lent me you hand,
together we will find the promised land.

Mommy, together we will find the promised land...

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