Friday, October 25, 2013

Red wine

Red wine is spilled on the carpet,
As I try to clean,
I ben forward and lean,
You must have seen,
That I myself couldn't reach,
The things I was trying to teach,
Me, myself, out of speech...

Red wine is dripping down the table,
It's me you take care for,
I'm the one stranded on the shore,
I drifted far for sure,
Did you came for more?
Or only to wipe my floor,
And than leave again trough the door?

The red wine from the carpet is gone,
As the morning sun rises,
So does my crises,
Having you hear is priceless,
And yet so pricy...
I must let this feeling soak in,
Before I begin,
Cutting the string,
Between me and him...

The memory of red wine spilled is all we have,
It's such a same,
But I know I'm the one to blame,
It shouldn't even have got to the point,
Where it became,
A point at all...
Forgive me for hurting you,
Forgive me this mess,
But babe we must confess,
There is nothing else to do...
Forgive me for lovin' you.

Spilled on the carpet... Red wine....

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