Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Christmases spend with you....

Christmases spend with you,
Making the three look pretty,
Buying souvenirs from skiing,
Things we no longer do...

Christmases spend together,
Marshmallows and hot coco,
Fooling around in snow,
Watching you're cheeks winter glow,
Things we no longer do....

Now that the nights get dark,
The air is getting cold,
My life seems a little empty,
I miss all we used to do,
Watching snow flakes fall down,
Things we no longer do...

I'm just wondering late all these nights,
When I'm staring at the christmas lights,
Oh how I miss these things we used to do,
Do you miss it too?
All our memories and plans were made for two...

My grandma says the time apart made me grown,
But she's wrong, it just makes me alone,
I miss singing along to our favorite christmas song,
I miss eating meatloaf,
Even the ugly sweaters and raining weather,
I miss it all,
Things we no longer do...
I think even more than that I miss you...

There where christmases when you where mine...

+Taylor Swift lyrics.

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