Thursday, June 30, 2016


The road,
Is getting younger,
Down the way,
That keeps,
Getting longer,
When the pain,
Keeps coming back,
The road,
Is getting simpler,
To read,
Now that the writing,
Is on the fallen walls,
The doubt keeps,
Catching up on,
But my tires,
Are not tired yet,
And the road,
Is getting younger,
Down the way,
That keeps getting longer,
When my pain,
Keeps coming back,
The road,
Ain't in the way,
Of riding along.

It ain't the road that makes the way long. 

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Monday, June 27, 2016


"Just after we had sex,
Your kissed,
From my nose,
To my chin,
To my neck,
And I put my fingers,
On your lips and whispered,
"Choke me",
You put your hands firmly on my throat,
But I didn't mean deprive my lungs of oxygen,
I meant for you to make me breakfast before I had the chance to sneak out,
I meant for you to 'accidentally' set me up to meet your mom and dad,
I meant for you to come over when I say I can handle it and that it doesn't bother me that my parents forgot they promised me they'd be there, again, that i'll manage it, because you know I don't,
I meant for you to say that you don't want the last piece of pie for otherwise I'd never dare to eat it,
I meant for you to force me go to with you to the parties that your friends host,
I meant for you to keep flirting with me now that there is no longer need for it,
I meant for you to insist that you want to see me today even if it is just for 10 minutes or even less,
I meant for you to open the door for me and to give me your jacket when it rains,
I meant for you to hold my hair back when I had a drink too much,
I meant for you to double text me,
I meant for you to cuddle me until I fall asleep,
See I said "choke me",
Cause I was scared to say "love". 


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Saturday, June 25, 2016


Crawls down the road,
Trying to find,
An opening,
To rewind,
The time that has,
Spun too fast,
But these fists,
Won't last,
Crawls up the road,
Trying to get back,
To where it,
First started,
Hits right in his face,
She'd gone,
Nothing to be done,
Thy all say,
Make her proud,
But it ain't a reason to live,
When she ain't here.

You and I,
Are a team,
If your not here,
Then I can't be either.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Lying to myself,
You can not make it on your own,
It's too lonely,
I wanne come down,
Let go of this tower,
But I've been buried,
Beneath my dreams,
And I can not seem to,
Digg my way out,
It's too heavy,
It hurts my head,
If I touch it,
I want to hold it,
If I have it,
I desire more,
I've sold it,
Now rescue my soul,
Before it's gone,
Gone, gone...


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Cups of coffee,
Spilling their content,
All over my dreams,
Suger coated,
Brown shit,
That is not half as strong,
As it appeared to be,
Cups of coffee,
Spilling their energy,
Right besides me,
Where nothing ever happens,
And the sky,
Is trying to paint,
Only so many colours,
That it turn out to be,
More or less brown,
Cups of coffee,
Spilling their content,
All over my dreams,
Stealing the meaning,
Of my unwoken discoveries,
Yet when I wake,
I dream more then ever,
Inside the content,
Of my coffee cups.

Coffee, coffee, coffee


Do you remember,
Walks along the riverside,
Not a mask,
To hide behind,
Do you remember,
The third of september,
WhenI cried for the first time,
You held me tight,
Do you remember,
The sunshine on my hair,
Laugh stretched across your face,
First kiss in place,
Do you remember,
Do you remember,
Or did you forgot,
Like you've so easily,
Forgot about me?

Very very old friends.

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Monday, June 20, 2016


The silence,
Was the very worst,
When my words,
Could not surface,
To tell,
What my face,
Had been hiding,
Behind masks,
And make-up.

The numbness,
Was the very worst,
When my words,
Could not suit me,
Did not wear me down,
Did really,
Nothing at all,
But be there,
Without emotion.

The cold,
Was the very worst,
When my heart,
Could no longer pump,
When the heating system,
Was incinerating my skin,
Yet I could not begin,
To fell the heat.

The pain,
Was the very worst,
Knowing it was coming,
Yet it stay out,
As a teenager lacking a curfew,
It made my anxiety rise,
To the point,
Where the only pain I felt,
Was inflicted by self-mutilation.

And you don't wanne hurt yourself, yourself.

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Walks in the room,
As a party balloon,
Can not quite make out,
What his glow is about,
Wondering if maybe,
There is something about me,
Different as well,
Since I've been cast under his spell,
The water drips from the sink,
But the permanent ink,
Won't come off his back,
Can not wash off the track,
From this vaguely blurred colliding,
Where the drive ain't half the thriving,
Sofa must be stained,
By the fluids drained,
As only two body's trained,
To get along,
When there alone,
In the darkest of days,
In the easiest of ways,
Goosebumps creep over,
The one night stand lover,
That is better bend,
Puts his hand,
Over my neck,
As the attack,
I've been fighting to seize,
Please, please,
Take my breath away...

Strings, strings, strings...

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Saturday, June 18, 2016


My brother tried to point me,
He said to listen to me,
Craving attention for his opinion,
But words are not an option,
When your partner in conversation,
Has wholes in her ears,
Only communicates by spending tears,
Accusing me black and blue,
Trying to renew,
The contracts signed with ignorance,
But I no longer crave black roses,
I am no longer under your trance,
Broke from this spell,
As soon as I could tell,
The game ain't fair,
This house holds me too tight,
I can't breathe,
It puts the darkness in my light,
This house holds me too tight,
It's just a small crime,
But time after time,
You shot your gun at me,
Until Russian roulette turned you into,
An assisen aiming at me,
To fall down, down, down...

You said to the moon and back,
And then decided the balloon was too heavy,
Now we're lost. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

It burns.

Arms locked around my chest,
Does his best,
To never let me go,
But you know,
We all have our own way,
And I must move,
For I can not stand,
Where we stood,
Have to prove,
The cards in my hand,
Are too good,
To be played in minors,
By doing the chores,
When there's a mayors,
With real players,
For the grown ups,
That also are adults,
Aim on the cup,
With a plan,
To back them up,
Knowing they can,
They will,
And they won't,
Back down now,
Arms locked around my chest,
Does his best,
To never let me go,
When we both know,
I wasn't made to stay,
With a heavy heart,
I start,
To walk away...

Leave me alone,
Leave me alone,
I'm going back home.

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Thursday, June 2, 2016


Met tooi,
Zonder macht,
Uit de kooi,
In alle pracht,

Het lijkt,
Stilte voor,
De fluistering,
Door het gras,

De gedaante,
Die het geraamte,
Tot dood.

De tooi,
Met veren,
Het omkeren,
Van de toekomst,
De vonst,
Van nieuw,
Het maakbaar leven.