Saturday, June 18, 2016


My brother tried to point me,
He said to listen to me,
Craving attention for his opinion,
But words are not an option,
When your partner in conversation,
Has wholes in her ears,
Only communicates by spending tears,
Accusing me black and blue,
Trying to renew,
The contracts signed with ignorance,
But I no longer crave black roses,
I am no longer under your trance,
Broke from this spell,
As soon as I could tell,
The game ain't fair,
This house holds me too tight,
I can't breathe,
It puts the darkness in my light,
This house holds me too tight,
It's just a small crime,
But time after time,
You shot your gun at me,
Until Russian roulette turned you into,
An assisen aiming at me,
To fall down, down, down...

You said to the moon and back,
And then decided the balloon was too heavy,
Now we're lost. 

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