Tuesday, December 29, 2015


I'll be,
Year older,
I was,
Years younger,
I remember clearly,
She said to me,
This world is bigger,
Then my dreams,
Don't think,
You'll ever get there,
You're not all that much,
You appear to think,
I was,
I was,
I was,
I am,
The dreams,
Too big,
For my humble hands,
Too big,
For my bedroom,
Too fancy,
For my ripped jeans,
My all stars,
Yet I don't care,
I'll be,
Year older,
Dream richer,
Oh reality,
Is clearly,
Not meant for thy,
Nor me,
I'll be older,
Then you'll ever be.

What you told me does not define me,
It says more about you,
Then it says about me.

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Monday, December 28, 2015

In Bloom

It took me some times,
To figure out,
What it takes,
To win,
At the start,
The middle,
The ending,
From the begin,
See there is a simple rule,
For ruling this life,
The only thing you need,
Is love,
For the things you do,
The people that accompany you,
And the road you are taking,
Oh there is not a heart breaking,
When one lives,
By the rules of love.

Love makes a flower not only grow,
But bloom as well. 

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Sunday, December 27, 2015


As the blockage,
That kept us,
From being,
Started to vanish,
As if it never,
Where a thing,
As if it never,
Left a mark,
On the road,
I ask myself,
Do the white lines,
Tire Marks and exit signs,
Really mean,
Anything at all,
When you go full speed,


Driving down the road,
I wonder if you know,
Just how well,
You can tell,
My every thought,
As if you are ought,
To see trough my eyes, 
It aint a surprise,
That you are the one,
Cause I ask myself,
All the time,
If he aint mine,
If he aint the one,
Then who would be?
It is so clearly,
There is only you and I,
Until infinity.

Thursday, December 24, 2015


Little do we know,
About the snow,
That has not fallen yet,
Little do we know,
About the storm up ahead,
Yet much do we know,
Manners to forget,
Or be forgotten,
In the time being,
Spend in front of our eyes,
In this moment,
Right here, right now,
More could we now,
About the stars and sun,
Shining their light,
Every second,
We waste on worrying,
About the past that didn't last,
Or the future that never goes further,
All that we can do,
Is act upon our knowledge,
While we're in the edge,
Of knowing what to feel,
And feeling it is enough,
What is the use in wondering?
When there are wonders by your side...
I'm going back to basic,
For little, do I know,
But the base of my foundation,
Is merely my own creation.

I am infinite for I give back, the love and energy I get.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015


As I had no idea,
As to where this thought,
Was heading with my head,
I knew that the littler I think,
The more I feel,
In dispear of this voice,
Telling me,
Not to go there,
I went without listening,
As I had no idea,
As to why this heart,
Was beating to beat,
All of the rest in the race,
We call live,
Within this earthly space,
I knew,
The more I drink,
The easier I go,
And so with a few glasses,
Of my favourite wine,
You could so easily,
Replace this heart of mine,
For just a shrine,
Of what it where.

My heart, you stole it, when I was the one to own it.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Fall, fall, fall

You see,
There where,
Only to many,
Aspects not in place,
For me to crawl,
Into the open armed space,
He keeps them hanging,
As I hang my head,
Is it possible,
That you forget,
The things I've said,
Last night,
When I lost the raw,
Edge of the person,
I so well act upon,
Do not think of me,
As that fragile girl,
For I crave destruction,
You fingernails leaving marks,
On my back,
You teeth biting my lips,
I desire you,
To push me up against the wall,
Only then,
And then alone,
I will fall,
So pull my hair,
Call me a liar,
Only as the moment calls,
The last round spend,
I'll be spilling words.

We come, We fuck shit up, We leave.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Boom Melt, Sound of my Head

Ain't it,
These days,
Won't pass me by,
The nights,
Are one endless try,
Of my search for sleep,
Yet my insomnia,
Is the only one,
In my bed,
Sharing with me,
The piece of mind,
That is eating me up,
As my brain,
Melts in the microwave,
For I so desperate crave,
To feel warm again,
To feel as if I am on fire,
Just one more time,
Before the minute,
Beeps away,
Ain't it,
How I can find words,
Yet I always find myself,

I's so sick of these same old thoughts,
My brain has had enough,
I so sick of this same old heart,
The one that keeps breaking up. 

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Not written

The words you spoke of,
Last night,
Thy resonate,
Trough my mind,
How I made it,
Has for me,
Yet for you so it seems,
Not to matter,
At all,
If I am,
More or less,
Of the precious,
Poems I write,
Thy does not care,
For the abstract absence,
Of reason or spring,
Only for the proces,
Of writing is the importance,
Not the result,
Oh, dear,
How I had forgotten,
It all does not matter,
Yet means the most,
In this paradox world,
My words,
Aren't mine.

And that's just is, words mean so little,
Yet thy can change not only my day,
Even so my life,
Words mean so much,
Oh life is such.

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Look around

Looked around the room,
Saw that the place,
You used to sit,
Was empty,
How odd is it be,
That the littlest in me,
Still thinks of you,
Despite that you might,
Not hear my prayers,
Ringing trough to you?

Looked around my life,
Saw that the place,
You used to stain,
On my heart,
Has worn off,
With the littlest bits,
In time,
I took back,
What was mine,

Or did I?

Words 'n fun

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Monday, December 7, 2015


My heart,
Ever feels,
As mine,
If I told you,
My heart,
Does not beat,
Until I,
See you,
Would you,
Believe me?

Heart beats fast.

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Life While

Had anyone asked me,
If you where worthwhile,
I'd shook my head,
Look at the ground,
Smile as an idiot,
Stay silent,
Not for you are,
Not worth,
The while,
But because,
Thy don't know,
How worthwhile,
You are,
You would not know,
How lifewhile,
You are to me.

Boom, Clap, Sound of my Heart ;-)

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Saturday, December 5, 2015


To be talking,
Bout many more things,
Then we have had,
Conversated about,
The past months,
Seemed to be,
So good for me,
You listen to the words,
Combined to stories,
For the very,
First time,
Your ears are mine,
Oh what a treat,
To be treated,
As a treacherous good.

Little Bro's turn to Big Bro's....

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Thursday, December 3, 2015


So easily,
One can forget,
To write down,
Or tell about,
Our story,
The one we filled,
We made and,
Shaped trough out,
Our lifes,
So easily,
One can forget,
The essence of life,

Since I wasn't ready to tell my story yet,
I shared my smile,
If only for a little while.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Say it like no one wants to...

If you where to ask me,
For a honest opinion,
Do you expect,
To get one?
In all my honesty,
I could honestly,
Never hurt,
One or the other,
I'd rather,
Hurt the self greet,
In window reflections,
And internal diagloges,
If you where to ask me,
For an honest opinion,
You would honestly,
Believe in my lies,
I as I try,
To let y'all down,
Easy in the hardest way.

You could ask me a thousand times,
For some kind of awknowledgement,
Yet you won't ever get,
The things we leave unsaid. 

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Really anything

As I try,
Not to be feeling,
Failed by you,
I won't even know,
How not to show,
This hurt I feel,
If I told you,
A broken sting,
Plays just as before,
When it has been glued,
Would you believe me?
As I try,
Not to be feeling,
Really anything at all,
Not to let my thoughts,
Run back to you,
Funny thing is,
They always do.

So she lost herself in the proces. 

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