Thursday, December 24, 2015


Little do we know,
About the snow,
That has not fallen yet,
Little do we know,
About the storm up ahead,
Yet much do we know,
Manners to forget,
Or be forgotten,
In the time being,
Spend in front of our eyes,
In this moment,
Right here, right now,
More could we now,
About the stars and sun,
Shining their light,
Every second,
We waste on worrying,
About the past that didn't last,
Or the future that never goes further,
All that we can do,
Is act upon our knowledge,
While we're in the edge,
Of knowing what to feel,
And feeling it is enough,
What is the use in wondering?
When there are wonders by your side...
I'm going back to basic,
For little, do I know,
But the base of my foundation,
Is merely my own creation.

I am infinite for I give back, the love and energy I get.

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