Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Fall, fall, fall

You see,
There where,
Only to many,
Aspects not in place,
For me to crawl,
Into the open armed space,
He keeps them hanging,
As I hang my head,
Is it possible,
That you forget,
The things I've said,
Last night,
When I lost the raw,
Edge of the person,
I so well act upon,
Do not think of me,
As that fragile girl,
For I crave destruction,
You fingernails leaving marks,
On my back,
You teeth biting my lips,
I desire you,
To push me up against the wall,
Only then,
And then alone,
I will fall,
So pull my hair,
Call me a liar,
Only as the moment calls,
The last round spend,
I'll be spilling words.

We come, We fuck shit up, We leave.

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