Monday, February 29, 2016

Glance Glisen Glow

Marble eyes,
Stare from the,
Back of the screen,
I wonder if thy seen,
Like other the bling,
Marble eyes,
Glisten and shine,
From behind,
The blind sight,
Of their master,
His jar of innocence,
His jar of destruction,
Waits for the eruption,
Of glas bursting,
Into pieces that shatter,
The clatter,
Will not fit,
Until the glass,
Took the final hit,
Thy had to roll,
And move thy will,
When thy swallow,
The hollow pill,
As marble eyes.

Few are those who see with their own eyes. 

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Friday, February 26, 2016

Opposite of possession

The hand,
That clenches,
Freckle keys,
Thy are not,
As strong,
As thy appear to be,
Yet neither,
Half as weak,
As the speaking,
Upon the writing,
Painted across the wall,
Who's to fall,
Once more,
Now that,
Thy can choose,
Between what door,
To open,
Whom to close,
What to leave behind,
In order to find,
The light dancing,
Between the sheets,
Or the cereal diner,
At 2 in the morning,
The goosebumps,
Without warning,
Illuminate the skin,
She'd been living in,
For far to long,
It's time to shower,
In change,
For a change.

Damn, I got keys...
Feeling grown up and shit... 

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Holding hearts

Morning coffee,
Without morning,
Stops alarm bells,
Ringing here,
Silence replaced,
White noise,
Eggs are fried,
Bacon is crumbling,
Stains on the table cloth,
Bitten lips,
Glasses from last night,
Red wine,
Still inside,
Hand across my cheek,
Sleep deprived,
Happiness thrised.
Stupid heart, loving people and shit.

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Bend the end

I could have had,
Chocolate, love and flowers,
And I'd still be sad.

I could have lived,
With emotional leaks,
But thoughts shift. 

I could have been,
Bit on my mouth,
Clarity is not clean.

I  could have tried,
To stand up,
But I died.

I choose to fight,
For my heavy heart,
To be light. 

I found that after sunshine comes rain,
But rain does not last forever,
It's just as the circle of life,
All things come to an end.

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Heels on my Devil

The devil,
Is walking,
By my side,
I can not find,
A place to hide,
Neither to shelter,
From the dizzle,
That accompanies me,
To the extented amound,
Of the swirling storm,
Taking me over,
As the gravity,
Of a round-a-bout,
I can not succeed,
At taking controle,
Of the steering wheel,
I try with all force,
But of course,
I have to admit,
That a tiny part of my orbit,
Has a piece inside my gut,
Where I can not shut,
The desire to take,
That one more hit,
So I might confuse,
Into a concussion,
So I'll forget about the confession,
Of the progression,
In taking over,
The devils habit,
Into my soul.

My wings have broken,
I tried to find,
Some new once to pair,
But I just don't care,

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Simply complicated

Palmtrees, wind, hands,
Balloons, sand, flipflop,
Gold, pizza, wetsuit,
Of pure happiness,
I ask the empty space,
That used to speak,
Pillow talk,
If we'll ever walk,
Across that ocean,
Deep dark beloved,
Inside memories stored,
Skyscrapers, horns, park,
Taxi, door, work,
Microwave, skirt, phone,
Of pure destruction,
Our life under construction,
Working on this love,
Without you here,
Separated by the fear,
Of being separated,
We've created our own,
By moving floors,
From tent to tenth,
We can no longer bend,
As the wind gives merely a slight breeze,
We seize, we break.

When did it became so complicated?

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Thy all spoken,
About acceptance,
Thans provoken,
My chance.

Thy all salute,
Thy neighbours,
For the contribute,
In the closing doors.

Thy all greet,
The fresh meet,
Walking unaware,
Of the damned stare.

Thy all laugh,
As thy make,
Yet another fake,
Member of their staff.

Thy all contribute,
To the institute,
That kills more then many,
The governments basement legendary...

Society killed the child.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Closer to the dream

It's been a long time,
Finding out,
What I've been dreaming about,
See for times have changed,
And I did not,
I have remained,
With the thought,
That dreams are merely,
Playing out before,
One's sleeping eyes,y
Yet so it seems to be,
Just suddenly,
Life turns around,
And all you expected,
To be reflected,
Only in the deepest,
Of dreams,
Suddenly leans,
Against your,
Tabbing it saying,
"Hey, you, where've you been?"
And without question,
I told my dreams,
I was working,
To earn you,
Rather then to dream,
My life away,
On this that take me,
On their stray.

I'm getting closer to my dreams.

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Monday, February 15, 2016


Exploring options,
That's waht she said to me,
Like as if,
There was more room,
For me the roam,
Had she not seen,
That I was all too keen,
And had been,
Even beyond,
The options thy all,
Want for me,
Have laid out in store,
For darling,
I desire so much more,
Then all of these,
To change with the seasons,
I dream to be,
Much closer to the center of me,
Myself and I. 

I need more sunshine,
For me, myself and I. 

Sunday, February 14, 2016


Your hands,
I feel so softly,
Drawing images,
On my back,
I wish I had,
The courage,
To write some,
Of my deepest thoughts,
On your broken wall,
Inside the off white,
Shelter home,
For too many blankets,
To have or hold,
You seem to fold,
My heart beneath the fabric,
In the distressfull magic,
Of a girl,
Tipping on her toes,
To kiss your lips,
Between sinking ships,
Lay me down,
In a bed of glue,
Keeping us together,
Me and you.

Flashing lights, Burn my eyes,
Or is it the image of you,
Playing in the back of my mind.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Roar for more

Burns trough my throat,
I wonder if you know,
I have not slept,
A single second,
Last night,
When I pretended,
In pride,
To love being,
By your side,
Have you heard,
The way my heart,
Night and day,
By the tired hours,
It misses,
Everything but you,
Oh little do you know,
The coffee,
Burns trough my throat,
I wonder if you know,
I wish these bag beneath my eyes,
Where my run away cases,
Taking me to the places,
I no longer dare to dream about,
Taking me to him,
Instead of you.

And I know, I have you,
Yet you are the whole in my heart,
I try to fill with coffee and cigarettes and all good things,
That come to an end,
Yet I does not still the roar for more. 

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Perfect Pretty Face

I know,
It would be wise,
To shut up,
To keep my eyes,
On the price,
I know,
It shouldn't bother me,
Let it go,
It's that simple,
But see I can endure,
To keep the secret,
In this dark room,
In my mind,
Deep inside my gut,
For it has been cut,
Into two pieces,
By the words thy,
Throw at me as knives,
I am roaring on the inside,
Want to snap out,
I get this feeling it's a little too late,
Wondering why I am out,
And about while I'm waiting,
For y'all to, snap out,
I know,
You ain't ever,
Gonna snap out of it,
So Darling,
Sorry I've been acting so blind,
But I won't be the one,
Telling you at two in the morning,
You're doll face was turned,
Upside down by accident,
When you put it on after the bathroom break,
Only to suck out,
Respect from the other,
Doll face, in high up places,
Sucked up by their fake smiles...
Darling, Don't cry,
It does not suit your perfect pretty face...

I've made a picture of myself in the mirror,
In bright colours I do not like,
With a face smile and slutty clothes,
Am I perfect now? Am I?

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

I wanne have

Flesh and bone,
Nothing more,
Neither less,
I must tell,
I can not,
Confess to the,
Thrown my way,
Oh darling,
We are,
Only for the,
To exchange,
The chains,
That hold us captive,
Flesh and bone,
Nothing more,
Neither less,
Unzip me,
Take of my dress,
Hands above my head,
Kisses in my neck,
Fingers run trough my hair,
As we share,
The naked,
I can endure,
I can endeavor,
One that does not drive,
But thrives on,
My inability to state no,
I call you,
To call on me,
When my lungs give in,
For I go all out,
Finish the shout,
I can't get shot,
In this shoot,
Of flashbacks,
For tomorrow.

I want you and I to fade into the smuch
That my warm lipgloss and your sweat combined
Only to taste the way,
We fray before the free fall

Ready to dance

Tip toeing,
Round egg shells,
Distant memories,
Their ain't one,
Able to rain,
On my parade,
All I see,
Is confetti falling,
As glitter to my,
Light shifts,
And we're in the clear now,
Straight spotlight,
Without stage fright,
A barefoot,

Hello world,
I am ready to meet you now. 

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sister from another mister.

Without question,
And beyond doubt,
She is,
The only one,
I’d think about,
If it where,
For someone,
To ever ask,
It’s in the way,
She smiles,
When I arrive,
At the door,
Ten minutes late,
It’s in the way,
She knows,
My feelings better,
Then I do myself,
It’s in a million little things,
That turn out to be,
One word so big,
She is not my best friend,
She is my sister,
Without question,
And beyond doubt,

She is my sister.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Surprise center

Radio silence,
Could not kill,
What was poured,
Inside my heart,
With a spill,
The start,
Of something new,
With one of the few,
That sees me,
As I am,
Yet knows,
What I desire to be,
And longs for me,
To meet with her,
Some day,
In the future,
Radio silence,
Could not kill,
A flower,
Without water,
In a desert,
So I decide,
Radio silence,
Ain't got anything to do,
With people like,
Me and you.

Surprise center.

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Invincible indeed,
Ain't it odd,
How I got,
To find the seat.

Strange to me,
For I got out,
To what I dream about,
Rather then thy.

Invincible I am,
Girl with a plan,
Standing strong,
Even if all goes wrong.

Strange for thy,
I can understand,
For I've lend the hand,
Of merely me.

Yet I made it,

Not ordinary.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Let myself

Ain't it funny,
Oh ain't it,
How when I walk,
You come running,
But when I'm in,
For the long run,
You play me,
As a hide and seek,
Childish game,
See I don't get,
Where this is going,
Breaking my head,
Over the countless,
Perspectives you could,
Encounter in,
Yet maybe I can not,
Wrap my head about,
The point of it all,
Merely because it is,
Pointless to you,
I am just a game,
You want to play,
When there ain't no shit,
On the television,
When you're home alone,
Or when she has gone,
Ain't it funny,
Oh ain't it,
How I know about your bluf,
But I let myself,
Get played anyway.

I won't ever let you play me again,
I think....

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