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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Stone heart

There you stood,
I heard you stood there,
Trying to talk to me,
Talk into my to try,
Take this back to the start,
They all heard,
You where trying,
But your heart beats slow,
Stone hearts beat slow,
Mine is torn up,
Scarred, damaged,
But still living flesh,
Even if the blood is,
Dripping on my lungs,
Chocking me down,
My heart is not made of stone,
It is not as cold as stone,
Cause stone hearts beat slow,
As yours does,
When your try to,
Make my racing heart,
Race for you again,
But they all heard,
Me telling you to stop trying to,
Turn my heart into stone,
Cause this way,
You ain't never gonna take me home,
With your slow beating heart,
Made of stone...
Stone hearts beat slow...
Oh yes I know,
Stone hearts beat slow...

If your stone heart ever melts, you let me know.
You let me know.

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Friday, May 22, 2015


I was trying to concentrate,
But I kept on,
That night we met,
How could I forget,
This moment we shared,
I was so unfocused,
That I just didnt saw,
How much I was drawn,
To be with you,
But now that I have found,
That clue,
I dont even know,
Why I was looking,
For something to fix my heart,
When you turn out to be,

You're like glue for my soul, you make me whole.

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Monday, May 11, 2015


She looked as art,
They way her back,
Hung against the wall,
Her hair,
Half slit back,
Half loose curls,
Messy and shining,
Black shirt, pants and shoes,
So poetic,
Just as her talk,
Always deep,
She never left you,
When she talked to you,
You got thinking,
You felt something,
And for days,
It wouldn't let you go,
She looked as art,
I could never,
Understand her,
I know I never will,
But I do feel her,
Oh how I feel for her...

She's like art, I could never understand her, but she made me feel.
Oh how I felt for her...

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I loved him, Mom.

"I loved him, Mom.."
"Oh, Honey you don't know anything bout love,
The two of you where just two kids.."
"No, I loved him, Mom...
I might not know exactly what love is,
But I know,
Love does not hurt on purpose,
Love lays you down easy,
Love never asks you to sacrifice,
Yourself, believes, dreams,
It does not steal you of your time,
It wishes for you to be fine,
It longs to make you mine,
Yet still love would let you go,
If love only knows,
That you'll be happier,
Love is not endless fighting,
It is endless reigniting,
Love is not screaming at you,
It's dreaming about you,
Love does not wear you down,
It keeps it heart on it's sleeve,
It longs to be near,
Love is to hear without asking,
Love is when he leaves me gasping,
For air when he goes,
Not walking on toes,
Love is not what we make of it as we grow,
Love is something we all know,
It is not to be learned,
It is to be earned,
Don't you tell me I don't know,
What love is,
When love is the reason,
We are all born..."

I love you, idiot! XOXO

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Just begun

A shy cry came out tonight,
She just walked off table,
But it got to the light,
I wonder if she sees how relatable,
We all think it is,
We all have someone we miss,
God knows we all have to make,
Choices that break,
Someone else's heart...

A shy cry came out during diner,
She closed right away,
Re-did her eye liner,
She went on and took a stray,
Without a word,
Without a sound,
God knows sometimes it's just a flirt,
Yet he fell to the ground,
In tears she drowned...

A shy cry came out as she spoke,
About the choice she made,
The feelings she provoked,
When she went on another date,
I wonder if she sees how good,
We all think it is,
She finally found the right kiss,
God knows we all should,
Try to find the one,
That makes us feel as if life has just begun...

She found herself as she stumbled over him. 

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Call on me

Am I to call myself a poet?
Now that others call on me,
As a poet,
Am I to see myself as a writer?
Now that others see me, 
As a writer,
Am I to adress myself as artist,
Now that thy adress to my work,
As art? 
Am I worth more then before,
Now that others value me,
Am I to see things in perspective?
Now that I am in yours? 
Cause deep down,
I've always known what you,
Have come to find out just now,
Yet the difference between you and me,
I don't need your glasses,
Or opinion to see,
That I am what I am to be,
So I don't your voice,
To tell me I am a poet,
Darling, it's not a choice...
You either are or aren't,
I am to call myself a poet,
Cause I feel inside my soul,
I am a poet as whole.

your a work of art.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

our right time

I just pretend you're happy,
Act like it's fine,
Probably easier after all this time,
Talk to someone else,
Yet look in my eye,
I know you still love me,
You're still mine...
Won't you give this love a chance?
Cause I'd give anything,
Just to be you're something,
But it's not the right time,
Tomorrow's not the right time,
We will never find the right time...
Won't we?

I have so much hope, But it will never be the right time will it?

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

To know you...

To know you,
Like you're the only one,
To know you,
Has not half begon,
To know you,
Is snowing me under,
To know you,
I beg on my knees,
Please please please...
To know you,
He said to me,
Is one to know,
It takes one to know one,
And I might only reflect,
The impact,
That you have on me,
What you've came to see,
Might be,
A mask,
How will you ever know,
To know me,
Is hard,
You'll gonna wonder,
To know me,
Is hard,
You'll learn...
I'll be burned,
When time had turned,
To know you,
To know me,
Is to know anything,
But our selfs...

In live you'll realize that there is a purpose for every person you meet.

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I think, you think, that we think

I know,
You know,
We should,
You know,
I know,
We could,
I think,
You think,
The same,
You think,
I think,
In sink,
I see,
You seeing,
You see,
Me seeing,
What are,
You or,
Not confirmed,
As a we...
I know,
You know,
I'll remember,
You know,
I know,
Every memory,
I know,
You know,
What I know...
I feel,
You feeling,
Slightly different,
Where does that...
Leave me?

where does that leave me?

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wild wild eyes

It took me by surprice,
His wild wild eyes,
He pushes me as far as I could go,
Still I didnt want to let him know,
This man has cured my every ill,
This man he makes me still,
This man, this man,
This man, this man...
It took me by surprice,
This reckless in my eyes,
He makes me crave,
Untill I can be no more brave,
I have to stop and behave,
But I dont want to no, no, no, no...
It took me by surprice,
Eyes, eyes, eyes...

Wild wild eyes, drawing by Carmen Verduyn. 

Drawed this on myself what ya think?
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

do you know?

Do you know,
That you have at least,
Seven ways of smiling?

Do you know,
That you stutter,
When you tell a lie?

Do you know,
That you're too honest,
And giggly when you're drunk?

Doesn't matter,
That you don't know,
I know...

if I could give you anything...

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

tried, tried, tried...

I tried,
Oh how I tried,
To be the golden girl,
The one,
You know, that girly girl,
Oh oh but now you know,
That I can't be what you want,
Don't tell me that we can't,
For if you could fell for me,
Then you could fall for me,

We tried,
Oh how we tried,
To be the golden couple,
That two,
Sweethearts that everybody knew,
Oh oh but now they now,
That we can't be,
What the world needs to see,
They told us we couldn't,
Not once,
They told us we couldn't,

You tried,
Oh how you tried,
To stay away from me,
To forget,
You know, That love we had,
Oh oh but now you know,
That I'm all you want,
and I would never say,
That we can't...
Because I really want...
I fell for you,
And I will fall for you,
If you promise,
To always stay...

We tried,
And oh how we cried,
Oh how they all cried,
The day I walked towards you,
Dresses as groom and bride,
Me and you,
You and me,
For the whole world to see,
That we could be,
Whatever we wanted to be,
For I fell for you,
And you fell for me,
Until eternity.

Just married. 

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Last to know

You were my first real love,
As I was yours,
I was the first to now.

You were the first one in every way mine,
You were the first to make me feel alive,
And you've been the first to know.

But when you left me,
When you walked out,
Left me for dead,
I was the last to now...

I was you greatest love,
The one to believe in you,
And you where the first to know.

You where my ever after,
My one right choice,
Told you all about it,
We were the first one's to know.

But when you broke my heart,
When you closed the door,
When you wanted her more,
I was the last to know...

... Last to know...

i was the last to know.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Find out what I found

As you walked in by,
You looked me in the eye,
But you could even say 'hi',
Don't you think she wonders why?

I know and I knew a long time,
Don't act so anonymous it is not a crime,
It was like that all along and she took something that was still mine,
So why should I bother to think if she would be fine?

To be honest I rarely think of her at all,
Its for I always knew I am the one who stands tall,
You and I never got up again after our fall,
So I don't worry I can feel someday soon you'll call,

You were Talking with other ex's before,
But not with me no more...

But don't you worry you're pretty small mind,
It won't be long before she'll find,
What I've found at the start,
It won't be long till the two of you part,
For I'm still taking up to much space in you're heart...

It doesn't bothers her yet,
But some dat soon she'll regret,
Taking something that was mine,
Even if it takes all of my time,
Even if I have to cross a line,
No one is gonne take something I had,
Something I was supposed to gonna get,
Oh she's so gonna get one hell of a load of regret...

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

You don't know it?

You don't know it do you?
That I still love you,
Always have,
Always will...

You don't know it do you?
That I still miss you,
Even after all this time,
I still miss you...

You don't know it do you?
That even now,
I still scearch for you in every crowd,
I still look for face wherever around...

You don't know it do you?
You don't...

You don't know,
I act like I don't care,
But deep down I swear it kills me.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I know

I know I'm nothing special,
But I could me you happy,
For a moment at least,

I know they think I'm weird,
But I think I'm rare,
At least for a moment,

I know you say I'm crazy,
But everything you say,
I never stays longer than a moment,

I know I love like a soldier,
Loyaly fighting till I die,
But I wouldn't fight for you,
Not anymore,
Not even for a moment...

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Monday, January 13, 2014

what if it does work out...?

I don't know why,
Why I don't try,
You forced the choice on me,
But somehow I can't be,
What you want me to be,
And I know I said,
I would do everything,
To be you're anything,
But I'm just to scared,
I never dared,
Because the scary thing is,
Not when you don't text back,
Not when you tell me it's over,
Or when you say it never excited at all,
The most terrifying thing is,
What if it does?
What if it does work out...?

What if all your dreams came true?

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Used to know

You and I
We used to be
Like twins
Best friends
Till the good ends

You and I
We used to be
Like lovers
Holding hands
Till the lovin ends

You and I
We used to be
Like one
So similair
Till the familiarity ends

You and I
I used to know
You so well
Anything bout you I could tell
I remember it all to well
Now were just friends
Begining at the ends

You and I
We used to be close
It froze
Now were just friends
Were strangers with memories
How can someone I used to now
So well
Now be just a stranger to me...

All of my favorite places are haunted by ghosts,
of what we used to be.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

How about we give it a year?

I just can't get my mind sorted,
Talking with you,
All these words imported and exported,
I just don't know it...
I can't translate or submit,
Are you asking me to recommit?

All these words you said,
There so widespread,
Can we just go and move ahead?
I can't choose between,
Friends, lovers or nothing after all I've seen,
I'm not you're dean,
Yet you share you're fall,
But I can't call,
For I'm talking to a stone wall...

I just can't figure out,
What this is all about,
You, me all that we vowed,
It's being disallowed,
It's our own fault,
We've got the doubt...

I can't get clear,
Therefore I need you here,
I need you to be more like a imagineer,
But instead you just disappear,
I'm left with the fear,
That I will never speak to you again dear,
Please tell me i'm wrong save me another tear...
If I stay strong, I'll meet you in a year?

see you in a year, 365 days from now...

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