Stone heart

There you stood,
I heard you stood there,
Trying to talk to me,
Talk into my to try,
Take this back to the start,
They all heard,
You where trying,
But your heart beats slow,
Stone hearts beat slow,
Mine is torn up,
Scarred, damaged,
But still living flesh,
Even if the blood is,
Dripping on my lungs,
Chocking me down,
My heart is not made of stone,
It is not as cold as stone,
Cause stone hearts beat slow,
As yours does,
When your try to,
Make my racing heart,
Race for you again,
But they all heard,
Me telling you to stop trying to,
Turn my heart into stone,
Cause this way,
You ain't never gonna take me home,
With your slow beating heart,
Made of stone...
Stone hearts beat slow...
Oh yes I know,
Stone hearts beat slow...

If your stone heart ever melts, you let me know.
You let me know.

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