Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Who we are.

As I was thinking about,
What she had said to me,
I wondered if I had shown,
Too little or too much,
Of any side of me.

I was revolving around,
This one thought of mine,
Saying that if she was curious,
About getting to know,
The real me a little better,
Then maybe,
He was right when he called me,
A mystery.

What if I really where,
A shut thight door,
I might make a whole load of sound,
I might lift your feet from ground,
Even so could I for see,
What it is you want,
What my role should be.

Pherhaps that fitting into a role,
Trying to be as the others,
Is my biggest mistake what so ever,
I keep on failing in the try,
To just go sailing in the stream,
I am one to walk in the opposite direction,
Only to feel for a fraction,
As if I am completely alive.

The fact that there is no kind,
To put me under,
Kind of makes me easily,
One of a kind,
The only thing hard to find,
When your one of kind,
Is someone, any soul at all,
That is like minded.

But we are who we are,
No amount of make-up,
Can cover up what you feel,
No amount of dreaming,
Can make reality unreal,
We are who we are.

Albert Einstein quotes on life. 

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