Backing up

Trying to cry,
Left me with nothing,
No tears to cry,
On these wasted years,
No fears to fight,
On the spotlight,
Just a whatever,
On who ever you choose,
Cause darling,
Thats the difference,
Between you and me,
I know you,
Like the back of my hand,
I know what you do,
When, why, at the second,
I could say in advance,
What you will be doing,
Saying and thinking,
And you dont,
Not for you, 
Let along for me,
And thats the difference,
Between you and me,
I dont have to sleep,
Or close my eyes,
To dream,
Cause darling,
Everything is always lies,
Accept of regret,
But never forget,
Its not an option,
You know it too,
Dont you?! 


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