Friday, May 1, 2015

I'm at fault.

Should I point,
Anyone at fault,
For our misery,
It would be myself,
I would point out me,
You can say,
you had just as much,
Of a share in this,
In breaking our hearts,
I could leave the argue,
But the truth is,
That we should've,
Broken up forever,
And by saying too you,
That I'd understood,
And we would see,
Whatever the future would be,
Whatever it would bring,
For you and me,
I kind of left us,
Somewhere in the middle,
The mid of all,
The things we where,
We could have been,
We where out to be,
But never truly was...
I left us floating,
When what we needed,
Was standing,
Wether it was for ourselves,
Or to fight for what we had,
What we might still share,
We needed clarity,
I made it complicated,
I am so sorry,
For breaking our hearts,
All over again,
You already did.

I wanted to travel the world with you,
Now, I travel alone.

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