Holding on to what's holding you back.

You always liked that,
Something odd in someone,
A trait that differs them,
From different.

You always had a thing,
For girls like me,
Who are determined not to be,
Anything plain.

You somehow had to get,
Something pure and unique,
Always wanting to have,
What you want to be yourself.

You always looked for all,
The beauty, the grand,
In others, in your lovers,
When darling...

It was you all along,
That can get out of this place,
The one that is not made,
To put up with his faith.

Don't waste your life,
Hiding your strive,
Don't waste your life,
Holding on to what's holding you back,
Just because it's what your used to.

Go to Tokyo, New York, London, whatever, you'll just...
Have go get out of here. 

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